MightyVine Tomatoes – Agri-Business

MightyVine Tomatoes – Agri-Business

Growing fresh produce 24/7/365 in the Midwest? It is happening here in Rochelle Illinois where MightyVine has expanded their Hydroponic Tomato Greenhouse to nearly 1 million sq. ft. It is here that the world’s most delicious tomatoes are grown and for three good reasons.


Rochelle sits at the center of a population of nearly 80 million people within a 24-hour drive.


Rochelle has an abundance of land, electric power, and natural gas all of which are critical to hydroponic produce growth.

Available Workforce

Rochelle has for more than 100 years been a center for agriculture and food processing, packaging and distribution. The workforce is made up of generations of families who have grown up working on farms and in food plants that feed people all over the country.

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