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RMU owns and operates three generating stations, totaling 30MW of generating capacity. All three generating stations are supplied by natural gas. With five transformers and two substations, Rochelle’s load capacity is 190 MW.

The transmission system connects RMU substations to the Electrical Grid that serves the Midwest. RMU owns over 20 miles of high voltage 138 kV transmission lines. The distribution system that transports power to the homes and businesses consists of over 300 miles of electrical wire, maintained by local crews.

Jason Bird
Electric & Communications Superintendent
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Water Division supplies water to the community from five wells having a capacity of 9.6 million gallons of water per day. The Division has 2.25 million gallons of above-ground storage.  On an average day, the wells pump 3 million gallons of water through 105 miles of water main within the City.  All above-ground infrastructure will be completely rehabilitated by 2020 (the five water towers are located on 2nd Avenue, High School Campus on Flagg Road, Caron Road, and Hayes Road).

Water Reclamation

The main line of the water reclamation system consists of approximately 105 miles. Upon treatment to stringent IEPA standards, the treated water is then discharged to the Kyte River. Samples of the water sent to the creek are tested daily to ensure that it meets the requirement of the EPA. The plant is currently operating at 50 percent capacity with plenty of room for future industrial development. The wastewater treatment plant is designed to treat 18,690 lbs/day of BOD, 11,980 lbs of TSS/day, and 2,650 lbs NH3-N/day.  The rated design average flow is 4.87 MGD and the design maximum flow is 8.76 MGD.  

Adam Lanning 
Water & Water Reclamation Superintendent
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Fiber Optic Internet

Our Fiber-Optic connectivity can offer a great advantage to companies in Rochelle of all sizes, particularly business who are heavily reliant on technology and data storage. Fiber-coupled with voice-over IP (VoIP) is a powerful combination of effective business communications. The RMU Advance Communications Technical Support team will make every effort to provide you with the highest quality technical assistance.

Why Fiber Optic Internet Access?

  • Symmetric Speed up to 200 Mb
  • Dark Fiber
  • Cloud Access
  • Reliability
  • Bandwidth
  • Latency
  • Security
  • Resistance to Interference

Tech Park

Rochelle Tech Park

This 160-acre development is located at the intersection of the Logistics and Transportation Corridor and the Research and Development Corridor. Designed to meet the demands and flexibility required by today's discerning technology-related business, the park already houses both Fortune 100 and 500 clients. This Park has direct access to the Northern Illinois Technology Triangle (NITT), a looped, broadband fiber-optic network which provides instant, high-speed transmission of large volumes of data, with superior redundancy capabilities. In addition, the Park houses the city's Rochelle Municipal Utilities (RMU) Technology Center. This center gives all area companies access to several major data carriers and is state-of-the-art designed to meet your data storage and co-location needs.

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